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4 Tips for Improving Profit

Law is a business – but for in-house legal departments, the business constraints and opportunities are often vastly different from those available to private law firms.  As part of a larger corporation, legal departments have a responsibility to manage costs and generate profit, but they also have an opportunity to leverage the in-house relationship in… Read More »

How to Avoid Negligent Hiring Charges

Negligent hiring charges – and liability – are on the rise.  Law firms and legal departments are in a particularly sensitive position when it comes to negligent hiring.  The nature of legal work requires the highest concern for confidentiality and client protection.  And because legal organizations specialize in understanding the law, courts are more likely… Read More »

Why Client Feedback Matters to You

Like any legal practitioner, legal departments need client feedback in order to provide effective and appropriate services.  Although client input is a crucial part of the process of advising and representing clients, few lawyers seek out or use client feedback systematically, according to a recent article from the American Bar Association. When legal departments don’t… Read More »

Strong Client Relationships Build Better Practices

Lawyers are trained to be focused, pragmatic, rational professionals.  For many lawyers, then, the measure of success in client service is how well they produce focused, pragmatic, and rational results in their clients’ legal matters.  Yet the best legal practices recognize that providing outstanding legal services is only half the battle.  These law firms and… Read More »

Top Business Objectives of Corporate Law Departments

Corporate law departments occupy a unique position at the intersection of law and business.  Their legal work calls upon them to provide legal advice to executive boards and to protect the legal interests of the company, but their position within the business structure as a whole demands that they consider cost control, efficiency, and profitability… Read More »

Aligning Law Department Organizational Structure

What do legal departments and your car’s suspension have in common? While this sounds like the setup for a joke, the answer is serious: neither one works optimally unless it is carefully aligned.  To align your vehicle’s suspension, you call on a mechanic; to align your law department’s organizational structure, you take a close look… Read More »

4 Ways to Change Your Law Department for the Better

Law, by nature, is slow to change.  But legal departments that recognize the need for readjustment and growth can adapt more quickly to the constant flow of work while also focusing on projects that increase the department’s overall efficiency and productivity. If your legal department spends too much time putting out small fires and not… Read More »

4 Secrets to Run a Cost-Efficient Law Department

Running a cost-efficient legal department can seem like an insurmountable challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. By focusing on how work is completed, a legal department can keep its costs in line while continuing to provide the top-quality services the organization demands. A recent survey of 180 in-house legal departments worldwide, performed by the… Read More »