Temporary Legal Staffing Reinvented

No one knows the world of temporary legal staffing as well as the company that helped found the industry back in 1992. Today, we continue to be the only national service that is substantially attorney-owned and managed. And, our professional staff includes attorneys with a broad range of careers both in law firms and in-house. Continuity of management and superior recruiting expertise result in consistent client praise for providing attorneys whose quality, practice area and experience match their needs.

We are in business for one purpose: to provide quality service that is cost-effective and easy to use. It’s that simple.

Temp-Hiring Headaches, Eliminated!

Say goodbye to the headaches associated with finding the right candidate and staying within a fixed budget.

Let’s face it: Finding the perfect candidate is rarely a labor of love. It’s hard work that takes up considerably more time than you can afford. Assigned Counsel has been changing that since 1992. Our mission has always been to reduce the costs and time associated with finding the ideal candidate.

Assigned Counsel makes it easier to find THE most experienced and THE most qualified person who shares the right working chemistry with you.