Case Studies


Case #1 Biotechnology

Our client, a growing biotechnology company does not have the budget to hire staff, but needs an attorney to support the company’s business as it continues to grow.

Assigned Counsel engaged an experienced former in-house attorney from the same industry as a temporary attorney three days a week at the company’s location. General Counsel is now able to focus more on executive-level issues while overseeing day-to-day matters. A great match which is still going strong today!

Case #2: Pharmaceuticals

Our client, a generic pharmaceutical company located in the NY suburbs, contacted us looking for a temporary attorney because one of their staff attorneys had left on short notice due to personal reasons.

Assigned Counsel presented an attorney who had extremely strong experience in transactional law, which the client needed. The attorney not only had extensive background handling pharmaceutical and clinical contracts, but also general commercial contracts and technology agreements within the pharma industry. This made him a perfect match for the client and he was engaged immediately.

The stars aligned here because not only had the attorney just completed another assignment, but he also lived in close proximity to the client, making his commute to the office easy. He has been working for our client full time since his placement and is loving it.

Case #3: Nonprofit

Needing help to cover a maternity leave, this busy not-for-profit sought a senior-level transactional attorney to handle commercial contracts, IP licensing and trademark matters and to liaise with outside counsel on behalf of the client.

Assigned Counsel provided an attorney with 20+ years of experience handling business acquisitions, commercial contracts and IP matters as an Assistant General Counsel of a large not-for-profit. The full-time temporary nature of the relationship was perfect for both client and contract attorney!

Case #4: Corporate Counsel/Banking

The General Counsel of a bank client needed periodic coverage for general civil litigation, including pleadings and settlement agreements, as well as transactional matters. This coverage resource would allow the General Counsel to be able to keep up with bankruptcy proceedings and negotiations. The General Counsel did not want to take on a a permanent hire when he knew the work load would peak and fluctuate.

Assigned Counsel presented a local mid-level contract attorney candidate able to step in immediately on a part-time basis to review loan documents and manage litigation files, enabling the General Counsel to keep on top of the bankruptcy case load. This represented just the right balance for the General Counsel.

Case #5: Regulated Industries

Our Client is an SEC and NASD regulated entity that wanted to enhance electronic recordkeeping and compliance in time for an upcoming audit.

Assigned Counsel placed a temporary attorney experienced in electronic document management systems. The contract attorney assisted the compliance department with timely installation and implementation of a new system in compliance with regulatory standards. Law department staff can continue to focus on core corporate matters knowing that this specialized effort has been addressed.

Case #6: Corporate Counsel: Financial

A real estate finance company was in the middle of a merger transaction and the legal department was overwhelmed with due diligence requirements needed for closing.

Assigned Counsel placed a team of six contract attorneys with expertise in general corporate and transactional matters at the company’s headquarters. The attorneys worked for two months collecting, reviewing and overseeing coordination and transmission of documentation needed for the sale, freeing staff counsel for day-to-day matters.

Case #7: Corporate Counsel: Internet Sales

An Internet product sales corporation needed help managing responses to an ever-growing number of patent claims. With reduced staff, it became increasingly difficult for the small law department, headed by a patent attorney, to meet deadlines in a timely fashion. Nevertheless, there was a preference to hold expenses down by handling as much of the work as possible in-house with either an on-site attorney or one working remotely.

Within 24 hours of receiving the request, Assigned Counsel presented a seasoned IP attorney. The contract attorney, who would work off-site, had her own response templates, which would facilitate prompt action. The client was impressed with the contract attorney’s work product model and the reasonableness of Assigned Counsel’s bill rate. The contract attorney was pleased that the engagement allowed her to maintain the work-life balance and flexibility she desired. A win-win solution.

Case #8: Corporate Counsel: Industrial

Our client operated a multi-faceted mining and production facility in the Western U.S. The company’s product has multiple applications globally. The client had an immediate need for a bona fide Contracts Manager to help it handle a large influx of contracts.

The work would initially be performed on-site in the Philadelphia area, but, after a time the Contracts Manager would be able to work remotely. The client had a limited legal staff which required this assistance and was concerned that costs had to be kept down.

Assigned Counsel discussed the need with the client to pinpoint the optimal skill set needed. We immediately conducted a search, resulting in finding a talented contracts manager with 5+ years’ experience.

The contracts manager’s success in the assignment so impressed the client that eventually it approached Assigned Counsel about converting her to a permanent employee.