Top 5 Business Objectives of Corporate Law Departments

Corporate law departments play a unique role in both the business and legal fields.  While they exist to provide legal advice to internal clients and to protect the legal interests of the company, they must also constantly consider financial issues as well, such as cost control. Consequently, corporate law departments often share similar business objectives.  Consider these… Read More »

Survey Shows Corporate Law Hiring Up and Expense Cuts Are Down

The hiring outlook is bright for attorneys seeking positions in corporate legal departments.  According to new survey results from the ALM Law Department Metrics Benchmarking Survey, corporate law departments are hiring – at the highest rates since the 2008-2009 recession. The survey, performed by ALM Legal Intelligence, analyzed information from 70 in-house legal departments within… Read More »

Niche Skill Set Wanted: Attorneys With a Background in Cyber Security

Online business is the way of life for most companies as the 21st century progresses.  Along with working online, however, come concerns about online security and the protection of information, in both a technical and legal sense.  Corporations are becoming increasingly concerned about data security, both within their own organizations and with outside institutions, including… Read More »

Flexible Hours and Location in Law

The technological revolution of recent years has changed the way professionals in myriad fields do business – and it has changed the ways lawyers work as well.  From 24-hour court filing to tablet apps that allow for electronic signatures and document distribution with a single click, lawyers are finding better ways to leave the office… Read More »

Generational Issues for Delivery of Service

Technological and social change has moved so quickly in the last several decades that the “generation gaps” loom larger than ever.  Today, legal departments must work with and provide services to members of at least three diverse generations.  Each generation approaches information and problem-solving differently, and flexibility in working with members of each generation is… Read More »

4 Reasons Your Corporate Budget Matters

Between juggling legal issues, mentoring upcoming attorneys, and negotiating the relationship between the legal department and the rest of a corporation, managers of corporate legal departments often find that budgeting falls to the bottom of the priority list.  However, the corporate budget can be crucial to a legal department’s success – especially in tough economic… Read More »

3 Ways to Make Your Department More Efficient Using Non-Lawyer Personnel

Many in-house legal departments seek to improve efficiency in the delivery of legal services.  Attorneys are encouraged to work productively and to boost their billable hours and projects whenever possible.  But a department that places the responsibility of boosting efficiency only on its income-generating staff is missing half its chance to maximize efficiency and productivity.… Read More »

Top Apps for Lawyers: Become Efficient

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the information world – including the corner of that world occupied by attorneys.  By adding specific programs or “apps” to your device, you can tailor its performance to your needs, increasing your efficiency and improving your ability to stay organized and complete projects whether you are in the office or… Read More »

How In-house Counsel Achieve Success

Law Departments are resources consumers, not revenue generators, so when law department managers start to discuss ways to demonstrate efficiency, the most common – and least original – idea is to decrease overhead.  The most effective law departments, however, have found that cost-cutting is not the only way to create successful results, and that for… Read More »

4 Efficiency Trends in Legal

Every year, the costs of doing business in the legal field continues to rise as work becomes more complex and the costs of associated goods and services also increase.  The recent recession put further pressure on law firms and corporate legal departments, forcing many to learn how to do more with less – or risk… Read More »