Improve Productivity in 2014

“Work smarter, not harder.”  How many times have the attorneys and staff of legal departments heard this old saying?  In fact, productivity is about more than working “harder” – it’s also about knowing where to focus your attention for the best results.  By focusing attention where it is most productive, legal department employees automatically increase… Read More »

How Tech Can Change Your Career Outlook

The legal profession is well-known for its reluctance to adapt to change, especially in the technology fields.  Despite the inherent conservatism of long-standing firms and legal departments, however, younger lawyers increasingly benefit from embracing technology. Firms and attorneys who are willing to adapt their practice to the demands of 21st-century information exchange often find that… Read More »

One Interview Question You Need to Ask: Culture

Most hiring managers are familiar with the standard advice pertaining to interview questions.  Seek information about what the candidate can do for your organization, avoid unduly personal or illegal questions, and consider both the content of the candidate’s answers and his or her nonverbal communication. Lost in the sea of advice about interviewing, however, is… Read More »

3 Questions to Ask Your Legal Recruiter

Getting a phone call from your legal recruiter can be exciting, especially if you’ve been on the job hunt for a while.  Hearing about an open position for remote legal jobs you’re well qualified for and at places you’d love to work is great news, and it’s natural to be enthused about the opportunity. However,… Read More »

Attorney Job Search Mistakes You May Be Making

Attorneys fresh out of law school have years of intensive legal education behind them.  Most also have on the job experience formed in an internship, clinic, or other setting.  After a few years on the job, attorneys also have a wealth of real-world experience to help them perform their jobs at their best. What most… Read More »

A Day in the Life: Corporate Lawyer

Corporate lawyers focus on commercial transactions.  They may work in private law firms or within the in-house legal departments of major companies.  Because corporate law focuses on transactions, attorneys who practice in this area of law find themselves in fewer of the adversarial positions that litigation specialists must take.  Instead, corporate lawyers often find themselves… Read More »

Trends in Legal: Law Departments Turn To Legal Support Services to Reduce Excessive Fees

“Outsourcing” is a well-known business term, and one that has gotten extra use in the recent economic recession.  In-house legal departments have also begun to tap into the benefits of outsourcing by turning to external legal support services for tasks like transcribing, document review, and even joint defense litigation. By using external legal support services,… Read More »

Top 5 Business Objectives of Corporate Law Departments

Corporate law departments play a unique role in both the business and legal fields.  While they exist to provide legal advice to internal clients and to protect the legal interests of the company, they must also constantly consider financial issues as well, such as cost control. Consequently, corporate law departments often share similar business objectives.  Consider these… Read More »

Survey Shows Corporate Law Hiring Up and Expense Cuts Are Down

The hiring outlook is bright for attorneys seeking positions in corporate legal departments.  According to new survey results from the ALM Law Department Metrics Benchmarking Survey, corporate law departments are hiring – at the highest rates since the 2008-2009 recession. The survey, performed by ALM Legal Intelligence, analyzed information from 70 in-house legal departments within… Read More »

Niche Skill Set Wanted: Attorneys With a Background in Cyber Security

Online business is the way of life for most companies as the 21st century progresses.  Along with working online, however, come concerns about online security and the protection of information, in both a technical and legal sense.  Corporations are becoming increasingly concerned about data security, both within their own organizations and with outside institutions, including… Read More »