Then & Now: How the Legal Industry Has Changed Since 1992

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A lot can change in 30 years. The world went from carbon paper copies (what a mess!) to electronic contracts, reems and boxes of paper documents to mobile eDiscovery apps (the world of litigation in the palm of your hand), lots of support staff to more self-sufficient attorneys. For three decades, Assigned Counsel has watched,… Read More »

Lawyer Burnout Is Unacceptably High. Here’s What to Know and How to Improve Your Team’s Mental Health

Long hours, exhausting caseloads, eroding personal boundaries, and high workplace burnout. Many corporate attorneys cite these and other stress-inducing factors as their reasons for leaving law firm environments for in-house life. Now studies show that their assumptions about pressure within corporate law departments, especially in the wake of COVID-19, don’t mesh with their lived experience.… Read More »

How Remote Hiring Practices for Law Departments Can Help Control Costs

The initial shock of the pandemic caused plenty of law firms and corporate law departments to make tough decisions about their budgets. Some resorted to furloughs and pay cuts as a way of stemming costs. Others examined strategies like reducing real-estate expenses or hiring temporary attorneys to make every dollar count. Eventually, conditions stabilized, but… Read More »

Remote Operations Are Here to Stay. Here Is How Your Law Department Management Should Adapt

When the world shifted from commercial work spaces to home offices, most in the legal industry didn’t expect changes to last more than several months. Yet here we are today, with 76% of U.S. attorneys working from home at least one day per week, and what most imagined to be a brief detour turning into… Read More »

Turn 2020’s Bright Spots Into Your 2021 Law Department Goals

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“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” Powerful in their time, Viktor Frankl’s words take on a renewed significance in the COVID-19 era. Rather than wallowing in the challenges of a trying year, business leaders embraced the opportunities the pandemic provided and evolved with new trends.… Read More »

Making The Best Choice: Outside Law Firm Or Legal Staffing Agency

Discounted law firm rates could go a long way to reducing pressure on corporate law department budgets, but Altman Weil’s 2019 Chief Legal Officer Survey found that asking for rate reductions is a sticky subject. In fact, 33% of CLOs say they avoid this line of questioning to avoid prejudicing their outside law firm relationship… Read More »

Never Worked with a Temporary Attorney Before? Here’s How to Balance In-House and Outsourced Resources

At the heart of every effective corporate law department is a commitment to collaboration. The shared expectation that in-house attorneys “do more with less” can unite the team, encouraging internal staff to share their knowledge and lend a hand when their bandwidth permits. Yet even with total in-house cooperation, there will still be situations where… Read More »

Two Hiring Practices Are Key to Diversity in Corporate Law Departments


The American Bar Association (ABA) finds that within the entire legal profession only 15% of attorneys identify as racial or ethnic minorities and only 36% identify as women. The lack of existing diversity in the field makes it even harder for corporate law departments to cultivate varied backgrounds and perspectives within their organization. Consulting firm… Read More »

How Assigned Counsel Found a Remote Attorney Solution for a Top Tech Manufacturer

The Challenge Our client, a leading technology manufacturer located in the Southwest, needed an attorney with in-depth experience in specific federal acquisition regulations relating to their defense and aerospace customers. The nature of the undertaking required someone with extensive experience capable of working in a fast-paced environment. From Assigned Counsel’s previous interactions with this client,… Read More »

Considering Actions on Your Commercial Lease? Temp Legal Staff Can Help

How essential is physical office space? COVID-19 put that long simmering question to the test. From a productivity standpoint, the 62% of jobs that plunged into an unplanned, full-time work-from-home experiment only witnessed a 1% drop in productivity. When you consider that 40% of professionals prefer full-time remote work and most executives are looking for… Read More »