Are You a Lazy Career Manager?

None of us want to think of ourselves as “lazy.”  Certainly it’s a word no candidate would use to describe themselves in a job interview.  But if you’ve recently begun saying things to yourself like “I’m not interested in the money,” “I’m not all that ambitious,” or “I’d rather….”, chances are good that your career… Read More »

Technology Trends Shaping the Legal Industry

Technology Trends Shaping the Legal Industry The legal profession has a reputation for being among the last professions to embrace any new change in technology.  Technological innovation has improved service delivery throughout the legal field – and law firms and legal departments that don’t take a proactive approach to these changing trends do so to… Read More »

How to Manage Time in Your Contract Attorney Career

Time is a major concern for most attorneys.  Law is a time-intensive practice, and it often feels like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get properly “caught up.”  For contract attorneys, this problem may be exacerbated by temporary assignments in which flexible hours lead to long work stretches followed by days or… Read More »

Top Business Objectives of Corporate Law Departments

Corporate law departments occupy a unique position at the intersection of law and business.  Their legal work calls upon them to provide legal advice to executive boards and to protect the legal interests of the company, but their position within the business structure as a whole demands that they consider cost control, efficiency, and profitability… Read More »

Aligning Law Department Organizational Structure

What do legal departments and your car’s suspension have in common? While this sounds like the setup for a joke, the answer is serious: neither one works optimally unless it is carefully aligned.  To align your vehicle’s suspension, you call on a mechanic; to align your law department’s organizational structure, you take a close look… Read More »

4 Secrets to Standing Out in a Competitive Job Market

The legal field is a competitive one for legal support staff and attorneys alike. To catch the attention of hiring managers in law firms and legal departments, you’ll have to stand out in ways your competitors do not.  Here are four secrets to making your application shout through the crowd – in all the right… Read More »

Common Job Search Mistakes You Are Making As an Attorney

The job search is tough. But when you accidentally make one or more common mistakes, it becomes tougher. Whether you’re just out of law school or are back on the job market, shorten your job search and improve the quality of your job offers by avoiding these common mistakes: Failing to think of the job… Read More »

Contract Attorney Wages in Philadelphia: Salary Data

Contract attorneys in Philadelphia perform a number of tasks for law firms and legal departments throughout the city.  Contract work gives attorneys the opportunity to exercise specialized skills, explore a new area of law, and take a potential employer for a “trial run” before considering a longer-term employment relationship. What Do Contract Attorneys Do? Contract… Read More »

How to Create a Lean Mean Legal Department

In-house legal departments juggle more than just legal issues.  They also face constant pressure to thrive under limited budgets and increasingly stringent and detailed expectations.  Consequently, efficiency and resourcefulness are in high demand. How can your legal department trim costs while maintaining – or even improving – the quality of the services you provide?  The… Read More »

How to Create a Work-Life Balance and Improve Productivity

Thriving as an attorney means sacrifice. Often, it means long hours at the office or even longer hours in negotiations, mediation, or a courtroom. But when a lawyer puts all of his or her effort into the job, at the expense of a supportive personal life, productivity suffers. Short-term gains are lost in the long-term… Read More »