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Case Studies

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Case #1: Biotechnology

Our client, a growing biotechnology company, does not have the budget to hire staff but needs an attorney to support the company’s business as it continues to grow. Assigned Counsel...

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Case #2: Pharmaceuticals

Our client, a generic pharmaceutical company located in the NY suburbs, contacted us looking for a temporary attorney because one of their staff attorneys had left on short notice due...

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Case #3: Nonprofit

Needing help to cover a maternity leave, this busy not-for-profit sought a senior-level transactional attorney to handle commercial contracts, IP licensing and trademark matters and to liaise with outside counsel...

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Case #4: Corporate Counsel/Banking

The General Counsel of a bank client needed periodic coverage for general civil litigation, including pleadings and settlement agreements, as well as transactional matters. This coverage resource would allow the...

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Case #5: Regulated Industries

Our Client is an SEC and NASD regulated entity that wanted to enhance electronic recordkeeping and compliance in time for an upcoming audit. Assigned Counsel placed a temporary attorney experienced...

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Case #6: Corporate Counsel: Financial

A real estate finance company was in the middle of a merger transaction and the legal department was overwhelmed with due diligence requirements needed for closing. Assigned Counsel placed a...

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