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Welcome to the Assigned Counsel Blog!

I am Bob Murphy, cofounder and president of Assigned Counsel.  We have just launched our new website and wanted to include a space for us to engage our client and candidate community.  This blog will serve that purpose.

In the coming period, I  and my staff of client service directors and recruiting attorneys will  offer thoughts about our business, document  trends we see in the use of our services, provide suggestions to those seeking be engaged as contract attorneys and maintain a forum for feedback from our constituencies.


As our first offering, I am directing comments to one of our core client groups – the corporate law department.


We know that our law department clients are not intended to be profit centers.  Nevertheless, they are expected to run the department in that fashion.


Whether the issue is a predicted or unpredicted absence, major acquisition or divesture, document integration, or one of the numerous other events that could cause a spike in legal service expense, Assigned Counsel provides cost-effective solutions.   Corporate legal managers are increasingly using temporary attorneys as a strategic tool, not just as a stopgap measure.


Our temporary attorneys, many with in-house experience, know efficiency is paramount and focus solely on your needs as they deliver service at a fraction of the cost of outside counsel, helping you protect the bottom line.


I welcome your comments.   If you have topics you want addressed or questions about our business, please let me know.


Bob Murphy

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