Client Testimonials

Their experience with us in their own words.

Responsive. Fast turnaround. Easy to use.

General Counsel, private mortgage insurance company

Flexible. Responsive. Understand what we are looking for.

Senior Counsel, property casualty insurance company

I’m happy to recommend Elissa Outtrim as a legal recruiter. She’s demonstrated to me the three attributes I value most in recruiting professionals: She works hard, she’s ethical in her dealings with both client company and sponsored attorney, and most important, she’s a closer.

Counsel, publicly traded technology company

You were very responsive to our needs.

Senior Vice President & General Counsel, biopharmaceutical company

Assigned Counsel has managed to find attorneys who fit my needs — legal and budgetary — every time I’ve gone to them. Each of the attorneys we’ve used has been willing to step in and take on significant responsibility at a very reasonable rate. I chalk that up to the staff at Assigned Counsel taking the time to understand my needs and working to make sure I am satisfied.

Deputy General Counsel, Labor, Employment, transportation company

My contract attorney through Assigned Counsel is marvelous. I couldn’t be happier with her. I’ve communicated my experience throughout our corporate system.

Chief Marketing Counsel, banking corporation

I was expeditiously provided the right attorney for the right price by Assigned Counsel, and their follow-through on their service was excellent.

Senior Managing Attorney, energy company

The contract attorney has worked out extremely well for the Law Department, and we really appreciate your bringing her to our attention. I am confident that your company will continue to be successful to the extent that it is able to make attorneys like her available to its customers.

Vice President & General Counsel, manufacturing company

What any service firm is selling is a relationship. I really thought Assigned Counsel cared. I’d call other services and they’d send people in my door who didn’t understand me or my work style or what I was looking for in an attorney.

Deputy General Counsel, healthcare firm

My experience with Assigned Counsel has been most positive. Not only are their contract attorneys first-rate, but I appreciate their outstanding responsiveness & follow-up.

General Counsel, real estate company