Why Assigned Counsel?

No one is better at identifying the right fit.

Law Departments Across The U.S. Count On Assigned Counsel

When your in-house bandwidth is stretched to the limit with day-to-day requirements, scaling your business or even keeping up with unexpected demand can prove impossible. Partner with us for access to thousands of talented attorneys available on a temporary or temp-to-perm basis, either on-site or remote.

You Have Options

When your law department needs flexible resources, we take care of everything from sourcing and screening through onboarding. We handle all administrative tasks, and you owe nothing for our services until you accept a candidate we present. 

Temporary Legal Staffing

Bring on legal professionals as needed. Our attorneys are experienced, well-vetted experts in their practice areas and available for short and long-term assignments.

Temp-to-Hire Legal Staffing

Try one of our attorneys at your location as a temporary engagement. If you would like to extend an offer to convert them to a full-time member of your team, we would be happy to facilitate.

Why Law Departments Choose Assigned Counsel For Temporary Attorney Staffing

Access to Attorneys Anywhere

Our recruiters have built lasting relationships with thousands of attorneys nationwide. When you need talent, we connect you with attorneys across experience levels and practice-area expertise, matching for job requirements and company culture.

First-Hand Legal Knowledge

All our recruiters have worked as attorneys, with 20 years or more of practice experience. They understand the field, speak your language and know what law departments need to flourish in today’s market.

End-to-End Partnership

The Assigned Counsel team collaborates with you throughout the attorney engagement. We source, screen, interview, and verify each candidate’s experience and reference checks to ensure an exceptional match.

Devotion to Diversity

As a minority-owned business, we’ve witnessed firsthand the impact diversity and inclusion can have on innovation and productivity. Our attorney recruiters cast a wide net when searching for attorneys, which helps attract a diverse set of candidates for your consideration.

Partner With Assigned Counsel