Frequently Asked Questions

What people want to know about Assigned Counsel.

FAQs From Clients And Candidates

What is a temporary attorney?
A temporary attorney is a practice-area- specific, experienced attorney who can help your legal department or law firm with projects of any duration. It could be part- time, full time, or as needed for as long as you desire.
Why use a temporary attorney?
Our clients have used temporary attorneys to address situations, including growing workloads, special projects, gaps in expertise, and staff leaves or vacancies. Engaging a temporary attorney can also be a more cost-effective solution than making a permanent hire or working with outside counsel.
What practice areas can you help me with?
Transactional, compliance, general corporate, privacy, employment, real estate, M&A, IP, and litigation support are just a few of our most commonly requested areas, but there is no limit. Our temporary lawyers work in these practice areas drafting and reviewing documents, negotiating contracts, conducting investigations, performing legal research, and writing and providing policy/procedure oversight.
How do we know the attorney will do a good job?
Our experienced recruiting attorneys conduct extensive and intensive vetting, reviewing resumes, and interviewing candidates to assess both skill set and personality fit. Our process also includes checking Bars, verifying education degrees, communicating with references, and performing Iinternet searches.
How much does it cost?
Generally speaking, our temporary attorney bill rates are 33% to 50% of law firm charges for the same skill set. Why? Simply because our business model eliminates the heavy overhead costs that firms are burdened with. Even law firms opt to use us when they need extra help!
Do you charge any extra fees?
No. Our clients only pay the agreed-upon rate for hours actually worked, with no other fees or “overhead” charges. This bill rate is provided to you initially with a candidate’s resume and is agreed upon before the candidate begins any work. You will never have surprise billing!
Are there minimums on hours or duration?
No. We require no minimum hours or length of duration. We only ask for your best estimate on hours and duration so that we canto determine candidates’ availability for and commitment to your project. Once the need ends, the assignment ends.
Are your temporary attorneys available to work remotely?
Yes! Assigned Counsel has years of experience in the placement of remote temporary attorneys. Considering a remote attorney can broaden the talent pool of candidates and also provide more options for limited budgets.
May I hire my Assigned Counsel temporary attorney directly?
Absolutely. We are always pleased to see our matches lead to permanent placements, and it which happens more frequently than you could imagine, even if it’s not the client’s original intention. In fact, it has become a popular way for a client to find their permanent talent — by making sureensuring the candidate is a good match before investing the resources into a permanent hire. When the time comes, we are happy to negotiate candidate salary and benefits, as clients wish.
Why use Assigned Counsel?
Assigned Counsel has been successfully providing temporary attorneys since 1992. All of our recruiters have been practicing attorneys. We do this all day, every day, and are skilled at identifying best-fit candidates to serve you nationwide. We never waste clients’ time with resumes that do not match their needs. There is no financial obligation to consider our attorney candidates for your project needs. Contact us today if you’d like to start reviewing resumes.