Why Assigned Counsel For Professionals?

Learn why law professionals trust us with their careers.

It’s About Opportunity And Expertise

Working with Assigned Counsel is a great way to connect with intriguing temporary attorney jobs. Our recruiters have all been practicing attorneys, so they speak your language and have walked in your shoes. They also understand the nuances particular to different practice areas and what it’s like to work in different professional environments.
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Why Choose Assigned Counsel? 

We understand you have options when it comes to temporary legal recruitment.  A general staffing firm may be able to offer the occasional legal temp job, but it’s not their focus. At Assigned Counsel, you’ll work with a recruiter who understands your practice are and knows how to make the most of your skills in a setting that’s right for you.

Leverage Our Partnerships

Since 1992, we have nurtured relationships with corporate law departments, law firms, government agencies, and non-profits throughout the country. Our clients trust us with their most difficult-to-fill temporary attorney placements. When you partner with Assigned Counsel, you gain a competitive advantage for the best jobs while retaining full control of your legal career. Move seamlessly from one assignment to another, take summers off or turn your temporary legal position into a permanent attorney job.

How Do You Define The Perfect Assignment?

Temporary or temp-to-hire? On-site or remote? Large corporation or non-profit organization? Our goal is to find your match. We start with the criteria you probably expect: experience, skill set, location, and schedule fit. We go beyond that to consider the human factor—good chemistry—that can make all the difference. The result? A long-standing 97.7% two-way (candidate/client) satisfaction rate.

View Our Open Opportunities

Does your interest and experience align with one of our current assignments? If you don’t find a match in your initial search, check back again regularly. Assigned Counsel continually receives new assignments, so it’s worth your while to search often. You never know when one of our partners will submit an opportunity in your practice area that’s just right for you.

Take The Next Step In Your Career With Assigned Counsel