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Interview Tips From a Legal Recruiter

When you’re interviewing in the legal field, some of the classic interview advice still applies.  However, lawyer candidates often face tough questions for which job-seeking in a different field may not have prepared them.

Legal recruiters offer candidates a number of tips for showing their best qualities during a legal interview.  From how you dress to how you answer questions, your interview is your best chance to impress a hiring law firm or legal department – so it’s best to prepare.

The Basics

Legal recruiters advise job candidates to keep sticking to the basic rules of good interviewing they learned at the beginning of their careers:

  • Prepare in advance: Think about your career objectives and how this position supports them.  Review your resume and research the employer with which you’ll be interviewing.  Talk to your network; ask questions.

  • Mind the details: Dress well, in a suit or equivalent business attire.  Arrive about ten minutes early, but avoid becoming engrossed in your phone or tablet in the waiting room.  Instead, review the materials you’ve brought with you.

Tackling the Tough Questions

Interviews are a two-way communication.  While the hiring manager will probably ask you some tough questions for which you should be prepared, it’s also wise to come with a few questions of your own.

  • When asking: Ask open-ended questions that will give you a better understanding of the job and the company, like “how are new projects assigned in the department?” or “what does the average day for [a person in the position for which I’m interviewing] look like?”  Avoid questions like “how much does this position pay?” or “have you looked at my resume?”  Instead, focus on what the job requires.

  • When being asked: Treat tough questions as a chance to say something positive about your abilities and why you want to use those abilities with this organization.  For instance, if you’re asked what salary you expect, say that while compensation is important, your goal is to find a firm or department with the culture and opportunities you’re looking for – and be specific.

At Assigned Counsel, our experienced recruiters can give you the advice you need to stand out on the job market while also seeking the right fit for your skills, experience, and professional goals.  Contact us today.

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