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Top Apps for Lawyers: Become Efficient

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the information world – including the corner of that world occupied by attorneys.  By adding specific programs or “apps” to your device, you can tailor its performance to your needs, increasing your efficiency and improving your ability to stay organized and complete projects whether you are in the office or on the road.

To organize your files, keep track of time, and finish projects more efficiently, consider downloading the following top apps for lawyers:

  • Sign Now.  Sign Now allows you to sign letters of representation, power of attorney documents, or any other document on the go.  It also allows you to send documents electronically to clients or witnesses whose signatures are required – making it easier to get that crucial signature on an affidavit in the hours before a motion or other filing is due.
  • ScanBizCards HD Business Card Reader.   ScanBizCards snaps high-resolution photographs of business cards, then imports the information on the card directly into your phone or tablet’s address book.  Both folders and card details are visible on the same screen, allowing you to access all the app’s features in a single click.
  • Timekeeper.  Timekeeper is a simple time-tracking app that watches your device use to help you track idle time as well as time actively spent researching, reviewing, writing, or conferencing.  The app automatically generates time reports and allows you to sync data across multiple devices.  Versions of Timekeeper are available for the Mac OS, iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, and Android devices.
  • CamScannerCamScanner uses your device’s camera to take focused, high-resolution images of documents that can then be e-mailed or filed in a cloud storage system such as Dropbox.  Use CamScanner to track receipts, business cards, or other paperwork electronically and to send important documents back to the office – in electronic form – before you arrive.

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