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3 Questions to Ask Your Legal Recruiter

Getting a phone call from your legal recruiter can be exciting, especially if you’ve been on the job hunt for a while.  Hearing about an open position for remote legal jobs you’re well qualified for and at places you’d love to work is great news, and it’s natural to be enthused about the opportunity.

However, don’t let your enthusiasm override your common sense.  Instead, start asking your recruiter the “tough questions” about the legal temp jobs he or she is recommending.  By getting key information up front, you’ll be better prepared for the interview process and better prepared to decide, should a job offer arise, whether or not the position is truly a good fit for you.

What should you ask your legal recruiter?  Start with these three questions:

1.     What qualifications does the employer require, and which do they most want?

Most employers have a lengthy “wish list” for their ideal candidate – but the fact is that only a handful of the qualifications on the “wish list” are truly mandatory for the right candidate.  Find out what the deal-breakers are to determine whether you truly qualify for the position.

Once you’ve determined you fit the employer’s “needs,” ask about the “wants.”  The better your skills and experience fit the employer’s overall picture of an ideal candidate, the better “fit” you may be for the position.  Even if you don’t have some of the “wanted” qualities, knowing what they are will give you a better idea what the employer is looking for.

2.     How long has this job position been open?  Why is it open?

The length of time the job position has been open and the reason the last person to hold it left both give you insight not only into the workings of the employer, but into the type of wait you can expect during the hiring process.  If you’re the first candidate, you may have a lengthy wait on your hands while the employer collects a pool of candidates.  If the position has been open for an extended period of time, find out why: maybe the previous round of interviewees was simply a bad fit, or maybe turnover is particularly high due to high promotion rates – or high stress levels.  The reasons your recruiter provides can help you understand and prepare for the rest of the process.

3.     What can you tell me about the company?

A few hours of Internet research can tell you a great deal about an in-house legal department’s or law firm’s background, its key players, and even its financial information.  Your recruiter, however, probably has access to information about the organization that isn’t readily available to the public – such as the workings of the company’s culture or how quickly it tends to promote hardworking hires.

At Assigned Counsel, our experienced recruiters consider the whole picture when matching your skills, experience, and career goals with top job openings in your area.  Contact us today to learn more.

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