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Contract Attorney Wages in Philadelphia: Salary Data

Contract attorneys in Philadelphia perform a number of tasks for law firms and legal departments throughout the city.  Contract work gives attorneys the opportunity to exercise specialized skills, explore a new area of law, and take a potential employer for a “trial run” before considering a longer-term employment relationship.

What Do Contract Attorneys Do?

Contract attorneys perform a range of tasks within a law firm.  Contract positions that require more specialized skills draw higher salaries which can be considerable in some cases.  They may draft legal documents, perform legal research, or support a team preparing for litigation.

Reasons to consider contract work include:

  • To gain work experience or to explore an area of law you may not have considered practicing,
  • To keep pursuing other interests while you work in your field,
  • To make connections in the legal field and gain perspective.

Contract Attorney Salaries in Philadelphia

According to recent salary data collected by, contract attorney salaries in the area average $66,000 per year. The salary for a particular contract position, however, may vary depending on the tasks to be completed and the skills required to do the work.

On average, attorneys performing document review may earn salaries between $48,000 and $62,000 per year, according to  Contract positions that require more specialized skills tend to draw slightly higher salaries; for instance, a temporary attorney who specializes in negotiating and drafting complex contracts may earn as much as $86,000 per year.

By working with an experienced staffing firm that specializes in placing attorneys, you gain more than just a contract position.  You also connect with an extensive network in the legal field, and you team up with a staffing partner who can help you identify your career goals and connect with jobs and employers who can help you achieve them.

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