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4 Secrets to Standing Out in a Competitive Job Market

The legal field is a competitive one for legal support staff and attorneys alike. To catch the attention of hiring managers in law firms and legal departments, you’ll have to stand out in ways your competitors do not.  Here are four secrets to making your application shout through the crowd – in all the right ways:


  1. Apply early.
    Hiring managers are more likely to read and remember early applications, before they’re inundated with a flood of resumes.  To be sure you’re one of the first in the door, sign up for job alerts and check for new job postings daily.  Working with a recruiter and keeping in touch with your professional network can also help you identify early job openings – often, before these openings are ever posted publicly.
  2. Highlight accomplishments, not duties.
    Most applicants will list their key job duties on their resumes.  Hiring managers, however, want to see your accomplishments.  Listing job duties describes what you were responsible for, but it doesn’t demonstrate that you met those requirements – let alone that you exceeded them.Instead of listing your job duties, focus on what you accomplished.  For instance, if you played a key role in negotiating a tough contract, describe your participation in the process.  The hiring manager will be able to see not only what you were responsible for doing, but just how well you did.
  3. Bolster your online presence.
    Start by running your own name through Google to see what comes up.  View the results with the eye of an employer, and adjust your social media profiles accordingly.  If you’re not already present on LinkedIn, the only social networking site geared for professionals, join and fill out your profile.  Participate in LinkedIn conversation boards and other social gathering sites to boost your online profile, make connections, and demonstrate your knowledge and your enthusiasm for learning more about your work.
  4. Work with a recruiter.
    Staffing partners have expertise in matching the right professionals to the right jobs.  Because they  work closely with law firm and legal department hiring managers to build a bond of trust, their recommendations carry a great deal of weight in the hiring process.  Team up with an experienced recruiter to gain an ally who can make your application stand out.


At Assigned Counsel, our experienced recruiters can help you stand out in a competitive legal job market.  Contact us today to learn more.

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