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Top Three Tips for Finding the Right Fit

When filling a temporary lawyer position, it’s important to understand exactly the kind of candidate the client is seeking. Given the breadth and depth of our attorney database, we use tried and true methods to narrow our searches and find candidates who will be the right fit for our clients.

  1. Practice Area Focus

Most businesses or law firms are looking for a temporary lawyer with a specific background or area of expertise. We understand that a generalist isn’t always going to be the best match. We carefully assess an attorney’s background to understand the particular practice areas with which he or she has the most experience. We’re adept at finding attorneys with practice experience in even the most niche areas to fit each client’s unique needs.

  1. Level of Experience

The number of years a candidate has been practicing is an important factor in his or her ability to fit into a given position. An attorney with more time in the industry will bring a unique set of resources and connections to the table, while a younger attorney brings a fresh, more recent law school grad perspective, for example. Some clients might prefer an attorney who doesn’t need to be “managed,” while others might be more concerned about working within a limited budget. Whether you are looking for a “newbie,” a seasoned veteran, or something in the middle, we know that identifying the right level of experience is crucial to making the best match.

  1. Clarity of Expectations

Complete clarity between the client and an attorney regarding the expectations for the position is vital. To the best of his or her ability, the client needs to be clear about what is expected from the attorney. Whether it’s a set number of hours or completion of a specific assignment, transparency is essential for success.

At the same time, both the client and the temporary attorney must enter into partnership understanding that the position is not intended to be the same as a permanent job. A client’s temporary needs may shift or fluctuate as a project changes, and a temporary lawyer’s availability may evolve, as well.  Ultimately, flexibility on the part of the client and the attorney with respect to hours, location or scope of work will determine the success of the relationship.

At Assigned Counsel, we take our job placing temporary attorneys very seriously. We understand that finding the best fit for a position, and as quickly as possible, is important to our clients. By matching practice area focus and seniority, while being clear about expectations, we know a great partnership can be formed.


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