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Meet Jill: An Assigned Counsel Case Study

Assigned Counsel works with a wide range of law firms and legal departments, each with its own unique problems surrounding staffing. Here’s one example.

Meet Our Client

Our client, an internet product sales corporation, was drowning in patent claims. The company’s small legal department worked valiantly to meet the deadlines these claims imposed, but it found the work to be increasingly difficult.

Meanwhile, costs for our client remained an issue. Continuing to burden their core staff with an ever-rising number of patent claims was unsustainable, but hiring a full-time attorney also threatened to burden the department with costs that could jeopardize its efficiency and effectiveness.

Needing help to balance the increasing workload against their specified budget, our client turned to Assigned Counsel.

Meet Jill

Upon hearing our client’s needs, it didn’t take Assigned Counsel long to think of exactly the right person for the problem. We introduced our client to Jill.

Jill is a seasoned intellectual property lawyer. Years in the field of IP law have helped Jill develop not only a clear and thorough understanding of patent law, but also a series of processes designed to facilitate prompt action on the claims she handles.

By working remotely and relying on her own set of response templates, Jill was able to help our client manage its workload of patent claims. Our client found Jill’s work product model impressive, and they appreciated the affordability of their arrangement with Assigned Counsel.

Meanwhile, Jill appreciated the flexibility of the assignment. The schedule allowed her to maintain her work-life balance while contributing her valuable skills in IP law to help address and resolve our client’s load of patent claims.

Meet Us

Assigned Counsel thinks differently about legal staffing questions. Our attorney recruiters are also seasoned attorneys, so we understand the challenges law firms and legal departments face. We’re committed to helping our clients solve their problems with innovative solutions that satisfy everyone involved.

At Assigned Counsel, our attorney recruiters help our clients rethink, reinvent and reimagine their staffing, building better teams and serving their clients more effectively. Contact us today to learn more.


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