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Meet Cindi

One of our clients, a global investment firm in Hartford, Connecticut, needed assistance. Their work included a number of periodic projects that demanded careful attention to contract and lease provisions.

To ensure their clients received the level of professional service they’d come to expect, our global investment firm client needed assistance with some of these projects. However, they didn’t need just any attorney’s help: They needed a lawyer with years of contract experience.

At first, Assigned Counsel puzzled over how to meet this client’s specific needs while also managing the geographical challenge of connecting a qualified temporary attorney to the Hartford, Connecticut office.

Our answer was to introduce our client to Cindi, an experienced attorney from Danbury, Connecticut. At first, Cindi commuted to the Hartford office when her assistance was required.

Over time, however, the client and Cindi grew more familiar with one another’s approach and needs. Eventually, Cindi was able to work on many of the same contract and lease projects remotely, saving her the cost and stress of commuting and allowing our client to benefit from her experience and skills without needing to reserve office space.

Now, Cindi and our client have developed a strong relationship. When a new project appears and our client knows their work could benefit from Cindi’s contributions, they reach out by email to ask whether Cindi is available and interested in taking on new work.

Global investment work can be complex, but the relationship between our client and Cindi has become a simple one. Our client gets the help required to continue providing outstanding investment services, and Cindi keeps her skills sharp and her schedule flexible by working remotely on these cutting-edge projects.

At Assigned Counsel, our attorney recruiters strive to make the best connection between our clients and our qualified temporary attorneys – every time. We practiced law as well, so we understand the importance of having access to strong talent.

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