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Assigned Counsel Case Study: Meet Elle

Matching temporary attorneys with law firms and legal departments requires more than merely a narrow focus on skills. While skill and knowledge are essential, so are abilities like communication, quick learning, organization, and confidentiality.

Recently, a longstanding client contacted us for help. This major healthcare company had access to attorneys with healthcare knowledge, but it needed someone on its team who could handle non-healthcare related contracts.

Our client faced one extra hurdle when seeking qualified assistance: The company was geographically located in such a way that their available candidate pool was quite small. There weren’t a lot of attorneys with the necessary contract experience in the immediate area, and those that were available often felt that our client’s office was too far away to make the relationship effective.

After considering various factors relevant to our client’s needs, Assigned Counsel recommended Elle. We understood Elle’s skills and approach to work since we’d already recommended Elle to other clients who had been satisfied with her work.

Elle’s background was primarily in employment contracts. Nonetheless, Assigned Counsel was confident she would do well with our healthcare company client. Elle possessed a library of skills necessary for the job, including a personality we were certain would offer a great fit with our client’s existing team.

Our client agreed. Elle has now been working with this major healthcare company for over a year, expanding her own skillset as she improves the quality of the work our client produces.

Making a good match between an attorney and a law firm or legal department requires more than a match in skill. With this knowledge in mind, our recruiters left the practice of law to focus full-time on assisting firms and legal departments in making the best match available, every time.

At Assigned Counsel, our recruiters help our clients rethink their legal staffing strategy, reimagining their teams, and reinventing the practice of law. To learn more, contact us today.


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