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How to Make People Feel Good About Their Jobs

People perform better when they feel good about what they do, and attorneys are no exception. A sense of ownership, optimism, and accomplishment are a must for lawyers seeking to maximize their engagement and productivity.

Do this to help your team feel good about their jobs and reap the benefits:


  1. Break up the routine.

The practice of law requires intense concentration at times, and the serious nature of the work can lead to a less than invigorating office mood. Break up the routine from time to time by injecting some more lighthearted moments.

For instance, you might offer a basket of fidget toys in the break room to help people rest their minds and spark creativity, or order flowers or a treat for your entire team one day a week.

  1. Encourage meditation.

Meditation has a number of mental, emotional, and physical health benefits. Encourage your staff to take at least one five to ten-minute break throughout their day to practice meditation. Apps like Headspace can help guide those who are new to the practice.

To further enhance the option for meditation, try setting aside space in the office specifically for the practice. Keep lighting low, and add a white noise machine or similar device to help reduce distractions.

  1. Work on the move.

Research indicates that taking a walk during the workday not only improves physical health; it also helps improve mental concentration and emotional stability.

To encourage a daily walk, consider taking some of your own business on a stroll around the block. For instance, if you need to talk to a team member, ask them to accompany you on a walk while the two of you discuss a case or other necessary business issue.

  1. Encourage help.

Helping others is a vital part of feeling happier ourselves. Encourage your team to embrace this mood booster by assisting others with challenging tasks. Often, the help takes no more than a few minutes, but the mood-enhancing effects can last for days.

  1. Make time in the workday for personal tasks.

Give your staff 15 to 20 minutes each workday to complete a personal task, whether that’s getting some quick exercise, making a pressing phone call, or planning meals for the week.

When these personal tasks are attended to, they stop nagging at the mind, allowing your team to focus more effectively on its work. Having the time to deal with these pressing items also makes staff feel appreciated, knowing that their team and supervisor care enough about their well-being to make space for these items to be addressed.

  1. Encourage effective mornings.

When staff have a few minutes each morning to gather their thoughts and plan their daily goals, they are more focused and alert. They’re more likely to get things done and to do them well. Encourage these habits by teaching them and modeling them for your team.

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