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Meet Jim: An Assigned Counsel Case Study

Everyone, including attorneys, has a life away from work. When that life goes as expected, we have time and mental energy to focus on our work. When interruptions occur, however, life outside of work can demand our full attention – leaving the rest of our work team to scramble in our wake.

Such was the case for one of our clients, a large insurance company. One of their employees needed to take extended family leave to be present for their loved ones. While our client understood their employee’s need for leave, they also knew that the remaining team would need someone with experience in general liability to ensure deadlines were met and work was done well.

Fortunately, Assigned Counsel knew exactly the right attorneys to meet these needs. Within 48 hours, we had a list of candidates ready for our client to review.

After considering our recommendations, our client chose Jim, a seasoned insurance defense litigator with a background in general liability. Our client was impressed by Jim’s extensive background in insurance litigation and felt confident that Jim could help meet their needs.

Jim lived up to these expectations and more. On the first day, he managed to address some key concerns and to meet our client’s needs. The result was a strong relationship in which Jim was able to exercise and expand his skills, and our client received the help required to keep their work going even when a core team member had to step away for a family emergency.

If it’s time to rethink your legal staffing strategy, look no further than Assigned Counsel. We help our clients rethink, reinvent, and reimagine their staffing strategy by connecting you to experienced legal talent in a number of practice areas. To learn more, contact us today.


Re-Invent Your Legal Staffing Strategy

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