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Assigned Counsel Case Study: Meet Justine

Practicing law in the biotech industry presents a number of complex issues. New developments in biotech, the need for strong partnerships with other companies, and questions of intellectual property and other business protections arise regularly.

So when our client, a biotech company, needed an attorney with experience in handling mainstream contracts, we knew we couldn’t recommend just anyone. We were tasked with finding someone whose skills offered a good match for the company’s needs, and who would also do well as a member of this company’s specific contracts team.

With these specialized factors in mind, we recommended Justine. Justine is a junior-level attorney with contract experience. We recommended Justine because we believed her background and approach to work made her a good fit for our biotech company client.

Fortunately for everyone involved, our client agreed with our assessment. Assigned Counsel placed Justine with the company promptly on a temporary-permanent basis.

Our client was pleased to meet a qualified candidate so quickly. They were impressed with Justine’s fit not only in terms of her legal skills but also in her ability to coordinate smoothly with the rest of the team.

Our client was also pleased with the cost-effective nature of working with an attorney on a temporary-permanent basis. In a field where legal issues can be complicated and budgets can be tight, this biotech company appreciated working with a recruiting firm that understood both the unique skills required for success in legal practice and the practical constraints posed by staffing budgets and deadlines.

By working with a temporary attorney, our biotech company client embraced reinvention of its conventional staffing strategy. The results helped them and Justine reimagine the practice of contract law in the biotech sphere.

At Assigned Counsel, our attorney recruiters help law firms and legal departments rethink their staffing strategies, so you always have the qualified talent you need when you need it. To learn more, contact us today.


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