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SIA Discusses Attorney Diversity And Shortage with Assigned Counsel, Inc.

The legal profession struggles to retain attorneys with diverse experiences and backgrounds. The American Bar Association (ABA) reports that only 15% identify themselves as racial or ethnic minorities and only 36% identify themselves as women across the whole legal profession. This underrepresentation of different viewpoints and perspectives hinders law firms and legal departments alike, since ongoing McKinsey studies have shown that diversity correlates with greater profitability.

Diversity issues are an internal component of the shortage of attorneys experienced across the spectrum in the legal industry. For law firms, there has been a 150% increase in open jobs for lawyers at all levels compared to the start of the pandemic, which partners are struggling to fill. On the corporate side of the industry, there are adequate staffing issues as well as challenges to meet budget with attorneys who can deliver results for their industry or practice area needs.

Could corporate legal departments resolve both issues with the right blend of solutions? Staffing Industry Analysts and Assigned Counsel explored that idea in a recent discussion. As one of SIA’s 2021 US and Canada Diversity-Owned Staffing Firms, we had an informed discussion about the dynamics of finding attorneys, especially those from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We appreciated the opportunity to showcase the expertise we’ve acquired over 30 years in business.

Our own Alisa M. Austin and Robert J. Murphy shared their insight into how corporate legal departments can find diverse, qualified attorneys.

Want to learn more about our advice for overcoming the shortage of lawyers? Check out our conversation with SIA in the link below.


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