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International Telecommunications Company Matched with Experienced Senior Attorney for Dynamic Contract Related Part Time Position


Assigned Counsel was recently contacted by one of our longstanding clients, a leading international telecommunications company with home offices in the Eastern United States. The client was searching for a senior-level attorney with robust experience in contract drafting and review, particularly regarding Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and service agreements.

Complicating the matter was that the client needed someone with commensurate senior-level experience, but who was also willing to work on a progressive part-time schedule which could last for several months or more, with the possibility of full-time work in the future.

The client was uncertain whether locating such an unusual candidate was possible. Fortunately, Assigned Counsel already had the perfect candidate in mind.



The candidate was an attorney already seeking placement through Assigned Counsel. At the time, she had been practicing law for over 30 years and had nearly 20 years of directly relevant in-house experience. In addition, the candidate brought to the table a strong background in contract drafting and review.

When Assigned Counsel reached out, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that in addition to her directly applicable experience, she also had a flexible schedule. This meant that she was able to quickly answer the call of the telecom company’s needs for an experienced yet flexible attorney. It was a win-win situation.



Fortunately for everyone involved, both parties soon realized their remarkable symbiosis. In fact, following several months of working collaboratively, the international telecom company offered our candidate the opportunity to become a permanent part-time member of their legal team – an offer which she graciously accepted.



Legal staffing for non-traditional positions can present a unique challenge. The complexity of clients’ workflows and ventures, as well as “life itself” can create a need for experienced attorney help that doesn’t fit within the conventional full-time, long-term employment parameters.

Fortunately, hiring for permanent full-time positions isn’t the only option. Working with a temporary legal staffing agency can bolster legal teams with highly-qualified attorneys while simultaneously working within budgetary, staffing, and office space constraints.

At Assigned Counsel, our recruiters understand explicitly that legal matters don’t always conform to the precise availability and skill set present within your existing in-house team. Unlike some of our competitors, Assigned Counsel was founded by previously practicing attorneys. As such, we truly know how complex legal matters can become–even evolving overnight.

Reach out today to see how Assigned Counsel can help you find the right candidate.

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