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Niche Skill Set Wanted: Attorneys With a Background in Cyber Security

Online business is the way of life for most companies as the 21st century progresses.  Along with working online, however, come concerns about online security and the protection of information, in both a technical and legal sense.  Corporations are becoming increasingly concerned about data security, both within their own organizations and with outside institutions, including law firms.

In response to these rising concerns, many firms and corporate legal departments are beginning to consider the benefits of hiring attorneys with backgrounds in electronic data security.

Why are attorneys with cyber security backgrounds valuable?

Attorneys with strong computer skills and an in-depth knowledge of computer security systems, networks, and software can be invaluable when it comes to advising a company or client on the best way to address concerns about data security from both a legal and a practical standpoint.

These attorneys offer a perspective on security and legal protection that can be crucial to shoring up data security and preventing attacks, as well as responding to attacks when they do occur.  They also provide a valuable liaison between decision-makers and IT professionals, who may find their communications garbled by the English/”tech-speak” divide.

Why now?

Cyber security is fast becoming a pressing national and international issue.  As attacks against the federal National Security Agency and other organizations have demonstrated, no company or agency is immune.  While most corporations don’t deal with national-security-level information, every company has sensitive employee or client data or proprietary information it must protect from attack.

Despite the increasing need for good online security, most companies are ill-prepared for an attack.  Often, little is done to protect data until a breach reveals the weaknesses in the system.  An attorney who understands both the computer systems that protect sensitive data and the laws surrounding the maintenance and use of that data can help a company develop systems that reduce the risk of breaches and minimize the harm if a system is breached.

Attorneys may gain backgrounds in cyber security by doing undergraduate work in computer systems and security or by gaining an education in the subject while they practice law.  Some law schools also offer courses in cyber security and related laws.

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