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Corporate Lawyer Salaries in Chicago: Where Do You Stand?

As one of the largest and busiest cities in the United States, Chicago is home to many major businesses.  The legal departments of these corporations are often located in the Chicago area, making a career in corporate law a realistic option for Chicago-area attorneys with the experience and skills these companies look for.

Corporate Lawyer Salaries in Chicago

According to data gathered by, Chicago is slightly ahead of the rest of the country when it comes to paying corporate attorneys.  The average corporate attorney salary in Chicago is $104,000 per year.  This number is 12 percent higher than the average salary paid to corporate lawyers nationwide, according to Indeed.

Corporate Attorney Skills and Duties 

Corporate lawyers advise the company about its legal rights, duties, and obligations. A small company may have only one or two attorneys on staff, while larger firms may employ several lawyers, each with a particular specialty.  Skills in business and corporate law, contract law, legal regulation applying to the business’s daily operations, employment law, and insurance law are just a few of the areas in which a corporate lawyer may specialize.  Administrative skills, strong writing and negotiation skills, and the ability to manage several tasks at once are all vital to the job as well.

Like other attorneys, a corporate lawyer must have a law degree, typically from an accredited law school.  He or she must also be a member of the state bar in order to practice in most Chicago-area companies.

Finding a Corporate Lawyer Position in Chicago: Next Steps 

To learn more about what corporate attorneys really do and to start your own search for a corporate law job, consider the following steps:

  • Reach out.  Networking in person and on social media sites like LinkedIn connects you with people who can help you find a corporate law position that suits your skills.  Networking also helps you learn about hot topics and emerging trends in the field.
  • Work with a staffing partner.  A staffing firm that specializes in placing in-house counsel in the Chicago area can help you find a good “fit” that supports your career goals.

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