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How to Get Your Interviewer to Remember You

The interview offers the first and often best chance to communicate face-to-face with the people responsible for making the decision whether or not to hire you.  Consequently, giving a memorable interview is important – but so is being remembered for the right reasons.

How can you ensure you leave a lasting positive impression on the interviewer?  Consider the following tips:

Have a conversation.

A hiring manager who runs through his or her list of questions usually doesn’t have much to remember you by – or if they do, it’s as the candidate who showed no independent interest in the job.  Learn as much as you can about the company beforehand, and ask genuine questions based on what you’ve learned.  For instance, you might ask what a typical day on the job is like, how the position you’re applying for fits into the company’s long-term growth plan, or what the hiring manager’s favorite part of working for the company is.  These questions show a genuine interest in the job and turn a forgettable question session into a memorable conversation.

Treat the interviewer – and everyone else – well.

Most job candidates understand the importance of being polite and professional when talking to their interviewer, but fewer realize the impact of treating everyone at the company with the same respect.  From the moment you walk in the door, demonstrate the same courteous, professional manners with everyone you meet – security guards, the receptionist, even passing individuals in the elevator.  People talk, and you want them to talk about you in a positive sense.  A job candidate who treated the receptionist with the same courtesy he or she showed the hiring manager is one to remember.

Follow up with a personal note.

No matter how well you feel you “clicked” with the interviewer during the interview itself, never fail to follow up with a thank-you note addressed to the hiring manager or managers who interviewed you.  Your thank-you not only demonstrates your interest in the position – it also puts you front and center in the hiring manager’s mind, and in a positive light.  After all, who doesn’t appreciate a gracious note of thanks?

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