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So, You Need a Lawyer? Hire a Temporary Attorney

Talented and capable counsel are vital to running a successful business. Whether it’s handling the day-to-day legal duties of your business or protecting and guiding your business through crises and lawsuits, there is always work to be done. However, even the most well-oiled legal machines can be overwhelmed by an increased workload. When your attorneys’ bandwidth is stretched, you have limited options. Either you hire a new attorney, and sacrifice time and money, or you bring on a temporary attorney. In some cases, the latter is a more suitable option.

Temporary attorneys, like those at Assigned Counsel, can assist with legal tasks on an as-needed basis, be it a few weeks to several months. The benefits and uses of temporary attorneys are numerous and can save a business time and money. They can help fill vacant staff positions on a short-term basis or assist with special projects. From a business standpoint, temporary attorneys provide an affordable stopgap during periods of transition or increased workload.

Naturally, you may have some questions about the qualifications of a temporary attorney, given the nature of their work. Rest assured Assigned Counsel thoroughly vets its candidates to provide only the most capable and skilled attorneys in the field.

To ensure we provide the most qualified attorneys, we conduct a rigorous interview process that verifies credentials and personal references. Our temporary attorneys range in seniority and versatility, at both the senior and junior levels, and are equipped with relevant experience and strong fundamentals. Temporary attorneys assistance includes:

  • Contract drafting
  • Transactional involvement
  • Litigation management
  • Research and writing
  • Regulatory reviews
  • Employment matters
  • Licensing issues

In addition to being ready for the job, temporary attorneys don’t have to break the bank.

Hiring an attorney can be both costly and time consuming. By using a partner like Assigned Counsel, businesses can offset those costs. The commitment made to a temporary attorney is entirely up to the client, who pays only for hours used and decides when the assignment is complete. Businesses that use a temporary attorney can save two-thirds of the cost of comparable outside counsel and avoid employment-related costs such as Social Security and benefits.

At Assigned Counsel, the average rate for an attorney ranges from $60 to above $100 an hour, depending on practice area and experience. These rates are more cost effective than bringing on traditional outside counsel or a new salaried attorney.

Temporary attorneys can be very useful to a company that values efficiency and flexibility when dealing with a legal matter. The cost and time benefits of hiring a temporary attorney are compelling, and it is evident why many businesses utilize their services. Hiring a temporary attorney is as easy as identifying the problem and calling Assigned Counsel to determine how we can help. We will put you in touch with the best candidate for your needs. For more information, visit

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