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7 Reasons Why You Should Work With Assigned Counsel

All recruiting firms promise results for their clients, but not all recruiting firms are created equal. Here’s why Assigned Counsel stands out.


1.      We focus on the legal profession.

Some recruiters boast a national reach, but they also attempt to serve multiple industries. In so doing, they sacrifice depth of knowledge for breadth.

Assigned Counsel operates differently. We focus solely on legal staffing, allowing us to continually deepen our knowledge of the legal industry and its specific trends and needs. When you need to understand core challenges and opportunities in the field, we’re here to help.


2.      We have connections with thousands of outstanding candidates.

Our national database, developed over 27 years, features profiles and information from over 40,000 attorneys, covering every practice area. We connect with candidates in every stage of their career, from enthusiastic young lawyers to seasoned veterans.

By building this strong roster of candidates, we also expand our own professional network. With one phone call or email, our clients tap into this extensive network, deepening their own ability to address new legal challenges.


3.      Our highly curated candidates offer top-notch skills and experience.

In cultivating our talent database, we focus on choosing attorneys with excellent experience and references. We seek out competent individuals who have what it takes to thrive in positions with our clients, then we maintain these relationships to ensure our candidates will succeed in a placement.

When our clients connect to our candidate network, they do so with the reassurance that these candidates offer some of the best legal skill available today.


4.      We can help you reduce costs without sacrificing skill.

Payroll costs are some of the most burdensome expenses on any law firm or legal department. At Assigned Counsel, we help you control staffing costs without sacrificing skill, experience or quality.

From working with temporary staff to improving your hiring process, Assigned Counsel. can help you find inefficiencies and eliminate them, protecting both your budget and your ability to meet expectations.


5.      97.7 percent of our clients and candidates report satisfaction with our services.

Some recruiting firms are highly client-focused, while others emphasize candidate relationships. At Assigned Counsel, we task ourselves with high satisfaction in both categories – and we achieve it.

When both candidates and clients are satisfied, we know we’ve made the right match. These matches help build your internal culture, boost engagement, and result in greater productivity.


6.      As lawyers, we understand your needs.

Our recruiters are all experienced lawyers, and Assigned Counsel Inc. is majority attorney owned and managed. We’ve practiced law ourselves, and we have firsthand experience with the unique needs and demands of the legal profession.

By connecting law firms and legal departments with top attorney candidates, we put our legal experience to use in building a stronger profession, one client at a time.


7.      We can help you reimagine your staffing strategy.

Staffing needs have changed dramatically in the past 20 years, and corporate law departments that haven’t changed with the times now struggle to address their talent needs. Hiring outside counsel isn’t always the best option and hiring permanent staff isn’t always possible. Our experienced team can help you rethink your strategy to better serve your department or firm.


Interested in Connecting With Our Top Talent?

At Assigned Counsel, we strive to connect law firms and legal departments with the best legal talent available. To learn more, contact us today.


Re-Invent Your Legal Staffing Strategy


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