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Are You Working on a Large Case? Consider Hiring a Temporary Attorney

When a law firm or legal department tackles a large case, the demands of the case can strain your staff’s ability to keep up. When documents reach into the tens of thousands and witness lists into the dozens, it may be time to call in additional help.

Fortunately, there’s a way to ensure you have the staff you need without making a new direct hire. Temporary attorneys can help you serve your clients effectively in several ways. Here are three benefits to hiring a temporary attorney:


Hire for a specialized skill set.

At Assigned Counsel our database of temporary attorneys covers a vast range of practice areas, jurisdictions and experience levels. The depth of our connections allows our clients to find the attorney they need, no matter how specialized the matter at hand. Our clients benefit by having access to the skills, experience and credentials required for a large case, even when that case contains issues that fall outside the organization’s usual course of business.

For example, if you need a lawyer who specializes in ERISA claims, or one who is licensed to practice in both New York and Connecticut, contact us. We can help you find the talent you need to address the particular demands of each large case your organization undertakes.


Keep staffing costs under control.

Hiring a new attorney is an expensive endeavor for a law firm or legal department. When the new hire must have a particular skill set or experience in a niche practice area, the cost increases accordingly.

Temporary attorneys can be highly cost-effective, especially when the length of need is uncertain. For instance, a legal department could save 45 to 65 percent if they engage a temporary attorney instead of hiring outside counsel.  As well, engaging a temporary attorney saves a law firm the overhead cost of an employee with benefits, and that savings can be used in computing how much to charge a client for the services of the temporary attorney.

By targeting the use of contract help to specific cases and topics, law departments and law firms can control their staffing costs while ensuring they have the capabilities necessary to fully address their clients’ needs.


Learn more about a lawyer before making a direct hire.

A temporary relationship provides a great opportunity to meet attorneys before offering a long-term position. Both the temporary lawyer and the firm can build a relationship and determine whether the fit will be effective before making a final decision.


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At Assigned Counsel our attorney recruiters can help you find the legal talent you need for a large case without straining your hiring budget. Contact us today to learn more.


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