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7 Reasons Your Company Should Have a Diverse Team of Attorneys

Diversity improves the bottom line in every company. It also boosts innovation, reduces skill gaps, and prepares your legal team to handle a broader range of clients, cases and issues.

Diversity is particularly important in law, where seeing every side of an issue is essential to strong representation. Here are seven reasons your law firm or legal department needs a diverse, inclusive team of lawyers:

1.      Diverse backgrounds lead to diverse skills.

When your staff come from different backgrounds, they arrive with different skill sets, perspectives and experience. These differences help eliminate skills gaps on teams and ensure your lawyers are ready for any challenge.

2.      Diverse teams are more innovative.

Because diversity brings with it differing perspectives, diverse legal teams find it easier to “think outside the box.” When inclusion and communication are priorities, these team members also find it easier to challenge one another’s preconceived notions, leading to better answers.

3.      Broader communication skills help you reach more clients.

When lawyers on your team speak multiple languages, they can communicate more effectively with clients from a wider range of backgrounds – increasing the number of people who may seek, and benefit from, your legal services.

4.      Employee performance improves when inclusivity is prioritized.

Employees who feel included on their teams are more engaged and productive at work. They want to contribute their best ideas and efforts because they feel that their work is appreciated and that it makes a real difference for those in need.

5.      It builds your bottom line.

A McKinsey study found that companies with highly diverse teams tend to perform 35 percent better than companies with average diversity, while companies with low or no diversity in leadership performed 15 percent worse than the average.

6.      Diverse law firms have more satisfied clients.

An Acritas report found that clients not only pay more when a legal team is diverse, they are also more likely to describe the legal services they received in favorable terms. They speak more highly of law firms with diverse teams, and they refer colleagues and friends to those firms more readily.

7.      Top candidates prefer diverse employers.


Is it time to re-think your legal staffing strategy? We can help.

At Assigned Counsel, our attorney recruiters help legal departments and law firms build the diverse, inclusive teams they need to maintain a competitive edge and serve their clients effectively. In fact, Assigned Counsel is a minority-owned firm and a member of the National Supplier of Diversity Council.

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