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Meet Ethan: An Assigned Counsel Case Study

The attorney recruiters at Assigned Counsel love a challenge. As lawyers ourselves, we understand the unique demands of hiring within the legal system, and we’re dedicated to helping our clients meet their need for quality staff members while managing their staffing budgets.

Recently, we had the opportunity to put our skills to use solving a difficult problem for a client. The client, a bank, needed help handling general civil litigation and the occasional bankruptcy case.

While the bank’s core legal team had a good handle on its usual work, occasionally a case would arise that demanded additional attention. Often, these cases included the need to draft pleadings and settlement agreements. Bankruptcy cases in particular caused disruptions in the legal department’s ordinary workflow.

The bank’s general counsel knew that these workload increases posed difficulties for its staff. Maintaining a high degree of accuracy and integrity became more difficult when a large bankruptcy case or other matter appeared. However, the general counsel also knew that these matters were sporadic.

A new full-time, long-term hire would have been a great help when the workload was high. When it ebbed, however, that new hire would be left with little or nothing to do – wasting the new hire’s valuable skill set as well as the legal department’s staffing resources.

Assigned Counsel had the answer.

We connected our client with Ethan, a local mid-level attorney with experience in litigation and bankruptcy. Ethan was able to step in when the bank needed help, managing the temporarily increased workload while core staff members continued to focus on their day to day tasks.

The entire department benefited from the help of our recommended temporary attorney.

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