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Do You Think Your Attorneys Are Stressed Out? Here’s How to Help

Many law firms and legal departments maintain a fine balance between the work they need to achieve and the capacity of their existing team to handle the workload without burning out. When a large project appears or when a case requires specialized knowledge your team doesn’t have, that balance can easily tip toward unsustainable stress levels.

Here’s how to help your team manage stress during large cases, so they can focus on maintaining the high-quality work they provide to clients:

1.      Find specialized help.

Smaller law departments can find it particularly stressful to complete projects where a larger department has more in-house knowledge and resources. The effort to educate themselves while also addressing deadlines and other demands can seem overwhelming.

A temporary attorney who specializes in a unique practice area, however, can provide your team some essential support. Your temporary lawyer can help the team understand key legal issues and address them effectively, without requiring everyone to take a crash course in a new area of law.

2.      Focus your team on what they do best.

Every legal team has strengths and weaknesses. Stress is more likely to set in when attorneys must work directly in their weakest areas, since it is here they are most likely to lack the knowledge they need to be equal to the task.

With a temporary attorney on your team, however, your core staff can focus on their areas of strength. They’ll feel less stressed and be better able to produce quality results. Meanwhile, a temporary lawyer hired because their strongest area is your team’s weakness can help you team members learn about that area while also ensuring work on that issue, field or topic maintains the same quality standards as your own team’s strongest efforts.

3.      Help your law firm grow.

Many small and midsize legal practices hesitate to take on certain complex cases. Concerns range from not having the time to do justice to such a case to lacking the money to hire everyone you think you’ll need to address every issue.

With temporary staff, however, your firm can take on more complex work without unduly stressing your existing team. The temporary attorney can help when needed, while your team gains valuable experience with more complex work. As you build a reputation for handling complex cases, both the team’s abilities and the firm as a whole can grow.

Balance Your Attorneys’ Stress

At Assigned Counsel, our attorney recruiters help law firms and legal departments balance their workload with the people they need to ensure clients receive outstanding representation and advice. To learn more, contact us today.


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