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What Should You Do If One of Your Attorneys Is About to Go on Maternity Leave?

You have a team of attorneys that works well together, and a pile of client matters that need attention. However, one of your lawyers is about to take parental leave.

While raising a family can be a joyous event, it can also interrupt the flow of a law firm or legal department’s daily work. Fortunately, firms can find the help they need even when a core staff member steps out of the office.

Here’s how hiring a temporary attorney can help maintain your flow of work while one of your team is on temporary leave:

1.      Temporary lawyers have the skills and knowledge you need.

There are attorneys in every practice area available to work in a temporary capacity. Qualified temporary lawyers are, therefore, capable of stepping in to nearly any role, whether it’s a unique situation involving an area of practice not covered by your core team or a situation in which additional help is needed with the firm’s usual work.

An experienced recruiter can help you find temporary attorney candidates with the skills and experience your team needs to complete its tasks efficiently and effectively, even when a team member is out on parental leave.

2.      The contract is finite and, therefore, predictable.

Temporary attorneys are often hired for a finite period of time. For instance, they may be hired to work on a specialized project or to step in during parental leave, which is a pre-arranged period with a known start or end date. It becomes simpler to predict payroll costs, because they are clearly laid out in the contract itself.

Because temporary lawyers typically work as employees of the staffing agency, the client has no time-consuming obligations regarding tax withholding or benefits.

3.      Firms can develop relationships with attorneys outside the conventional hiring process.

If you want to build relationships with lawyers outside the core group or develop a keener sense of the capabilities and experience available in the field before committing to make a hiring decision, working with a temporary lawyer allows you to do just that. You build a relationship with a temporary attorney as they assist your team, making it easier to hire should a permanent position becomes available.

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At Assigned Counsel, our recruiters are attorneys. We know what skills and abilities lawyers need to help a law firm or legal department thrive, and we’re passionate about connecting our clients to the right attorney at the right time. To learn more, contact us today.


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