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Meet Christine: An Assigned Counsel Case Study

Insurance is a highly complex business. Risk management depends on clearly organized and drafted contracts, licenses and agreements.

Our client, a major risk management company, had a strong team capable of handling a wide range of day-to-day demands in the insurance field. However, when it came time to draft and negotiate specialized technology licenses and consulting agreements, they found that seeking a temporary lawyer’s assistance was the best course of action.

Assigned Counsel recommended Christine. A corporate attorney and former general counsel with years of experience, Christine had the necessary background and understanding of our client’s needs to step in and help the team create the agreements it needed.

The relationship benefited both Christine and our client’s team. Christine worked on a challenging new project, and our risk management company client gained cost-effective access to the expertise and assistance they needed. Both parties gained through the building of a professional relationship and a clearer understanding of the field.

In fact, our client so enjoyed working with Christine that they contacted Assigned Counsel a few months later with a specific request: Could Christine come back and work on another project?

Christine accepted, focusing this time on general transactional contracts and technology agreements. Once again, both Christine and our client benefited from the arrangement.

Specialized attorneys who work on a temporary basis are available in nearly every practice area and field of expertise.

Because the scope of a temporary lawyer’s relationship with our client is clearly spelled out from the start, our client’s teams can focus on the work they need to achieve. Concerns about staffing costs and budgets are resolved before the temporary attorney begins, so uncertainties are reduced.

At Assigned Counsel, our recruiters have been practicing lawyers. As recruiters, they bring that expertise to law firms and legal departments. They understand the unique demands of legal practice. To learn more, contact us today.

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