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Should You Have a Temporary Attorney Pool?

Most legal teams are well equipped to handle the day-to-day tasks, issues and research that come before them. When a large project appears or a specialized issue arises, however, the team may struggle to provide the same high-quality attention and results.

In these situations, having temporary attorneys available can make a significant difference to your team’s process and the finished product. Here’s how.

Benefits of Working With Temporary Attorneys

1.      Ensure specialized tasks or issues are handled correctly.

Large, complex legal projects often touch on multiple areas of law simultaneously. While your team may be well versed in a case or project’s overall position, there may be specialized points on which they’re less certain.

A temporary attorney with experience in these areas helps your team ensure they’re providing a high-quality representation of your client’s trust and expect. Temporary attorneys help your team save time by answering questions and providing information that would otherwise require hours of research and consideration.

2.      Reduce your team’s stress level and prevent burnout.

Large projects or a sudden uptick in work volume places additional pressure on your core team. Over time, this additional workload eats into your team’s reserves of mental and physical energy. The lower those reserves, the more likely it is that one or more essential team members will burn out.

Working with a temporary attorney helps prevent burnout by distributing the increased workload, ensuring everyone involved can work sustainably. It also allows your core team to focus on the areas they’re best equipped to handle, which may improve results.

3.      Build a network and expand your firm’s knowledge and reputation.

When you work with a temporary attorney, your team and firm build a relationship with yet another legal professional. This attorney learns about your internal culture, your strengths and the particular skills your team brings to the table. Should you find yourself with the same need down the road, there is potential to re-engage the same temporary attorney, who is already plugged-in with your company culture.

Additionally, if a colleague needs help, you may be in a position to provide that assistance – and further, strengthen the relationship – by recommending a qualified temporary attorney you already know and trust.

How to Build a Temporary Attorney Pool

While some law firms and legal departments build their own pools of qualified temporary attorneys to contact when needed, one of the easiest ways to connect with this specialized workforce is through a recruiting firm.

Recruiters who specialize in the legal field can help you find temporary attorneys with the skills and availability you need, even on short notice. The more information you give your recruiter, the easier it is to find temporary talent that meets your needs.

At Assigned Counsel, we help you reimagine your workflow, connecting you to high-quality legal talent when you need it. Our recruiters are all experienced attorneys, so they understand the importance of finding the right person for each situation.  Contact us today to learn more.


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