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5 Reasons to Hire a Temporary Attorney

Temporary attorneys provide needed assistance to law firms and legal departments in many ways. Whether you’re handling a particularly large case, untangling several related complex issues or need assistance from a subject matter expert, temporary attorneys can help. 

Here are five reasons a temporary attorney might be an ideal addition to your team: 


Temporary attorneys help improve your flexibility. 

Hiring and firing long-term staff can be difficult, expensive and onerous to the morale of your core team, particularly in a fluctuating economy. Temporary attorneys, however, can help your core team do their key tasks better, improving stability within your organization without breaking your staffing budget or exposing your firm or legal department to the vagaries of economic change. 


Temporary attorneys bring new skills. 

When a specialized case or issue arises, you may discover no one on your core team has the subject matter knowledge to address it skillfully. Hiring a new long-term lawyer for one project, however, may not be the ideal answer. Temporary attorneys bring the skills to address specialized issues precisely when those skills are needed. 


Temporary attorneys can help save money. 

For most law firms and legal departments, hiring a temporary attorney is more cost-effective than making a long-term hire. For instance, a temporary attorney may agree to an hourly rate or a reasonable flat rate for a project. It’s important to calculate the amount of time and effort you’ll need from a new attorney to determine whether a long-term hire or temporary assistance is most cost-effective for your team. 


Temporary attorneys can audition for long-term positions. 

When you need help with a large project or a large number of similar projects, a temporary attorney can help reduce the pressure on your core team while simultaneously helping you determine whether they would offer a good long-term fit with your team. The temporary attorney also learns what it’s like to work with your organization, which helps them make a better decision about whether a long-term position is the right choice for them. 


Temporary attorneys can help boost morale. 

Some law firms and legal departments hesitate to work with temporary attorneys. They fear the introduction of a new, temporary team member will destabilize existing relationships and distract core staff from their work. However, when temporary attorneys are added thoughtfully, the result can be a boost in morale and engagement from everyone involved. For instance, your core team gains from the reduction in stress and pressure. They also gain the peace of mind of knowing an experienced lawyer well versed in specialized issues is available to help. Meanwhile, your temporary attorney gains the challenge of a new project and the chance to build new professional connections. 


At Assigned Counsel, we help our clients reimagine their staffing and build the connections they need to ensure they have access to qualified temporary attorney assistance whenever they need it. Contact us today to learn more. 


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