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7 Exercises Your Attorneys Should Be Doing at Work

Law is often a sedentary job. Attorneys may spend hours at a stretch behind their desks, reading, doing research, writing briefs and speaking to clients or co-workers.  

Although law can be sedentary, the human body was made to move.  

Here are seven exercises your attorneys can use to improve their comfort levels and boost their wellness throughout the day. 


Shoulder Rolls 

The shoulders can become achy or fatigued from long hours sitting in front of a computer or hunched over documents. Gently roll the shoulders from front to back for 10 to 15 reps, then repeat that motion from back to front.  

Arm Strength 

Desk push-ups offer a way to build arm strength and wake up tired muscles in the shoulders, chest, and arms. Stand about a foot away from your desk, put both hands on the edge, and raise and lower yourself with your arms. For a bigger challenge, find a lower edge like a low cabinet. Just make sure the furniture you lean on is stable before you begin.  

Wrist Stretches 

The hands and wrists do a great deal of work when attorneys are typing, writing or flipping through stacks of documents. Perform some dynamic wrist stretching by making a fist, then rotating it clockwise and counterclockwise. 

Abdominal Challenge 

The abdominal muscles that support the core of the body are essential for proper posture and for warding off back pain and injuries. Sitting on a large yoga ball can help engage these muscles, as can sitting on the edge of the chair rather than leaning against the backrest. Encourage your team to spend several five to tenminute blocks of time each day sitting in a way that engages the core. 

Support the Core 

The body’s core muscles include both the abdomen and the gluteus maximus – a set of muscles that can be ignored by those who sit on them all day. Squeezing the glutes while sitting or standing helps to relieve stress and provide exercise in a challenging yet discreet way. 


Raising the heart rate even for short periods has a profound positive effect on health, but it can also be tough to do in an office. A minute of jumping jacks or moving quickly up or down a flight of stairs can all raise the heart rate and produce an endorphin burst that boosts focus and mood. 

Get Your Steps In 

Add low-impact, moderate movement throughout your day by using your environment to help you move. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park at the far end of the lot, do squats while you’re on the phone or lunges on the way to the restroom. Even in a crowded office environment, attorneys and their staff can find ways to build in regular movement for a physical and mental boost.  

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