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Save Money by Hiring Temporary Attorneys for “Out of the Box” Cases

If you have a case coming up that is out of the mainstream of your practice area, you may already be planning time and effort to research and understand unique issues or concerns that accompany the case.

While it’s important to understand every aspect of your case, you can choose among several effective ways of reaching that goal. One valuable method is to hire a temporary attorney with experience in the area of law that is the heart of the case.

Here’s why hiring a temporary attorney is a sound choice:


  1. Save time on research and analysis.

It’s not unusual for law firms and legal departments to ask first-year associates or paralegals to do a deep dive into research – especially when a case involves new or unusual issues for the team. While associates and paralegals typically have strong research skills, asking them to explore an entirely new area of law isn’t always the best use of their time.

Working with a skilled temporary attorney saves time by reducing the amount of research and analysis required. Your temporary attorney is highly experienced in their area of specialty and can answer your questions as they come up.

  1. Save money by working with your temporary attorney when you need them.

When you hire outside counsel to spend time on research or because they have more expertise in a given practice area, it can take up a large portion of your project budget. When you work with a temporary attorney, however, you pay them only for the time and effort they spend applying their expertise to your case. They work directly with your team, supervised by you, allowing for easier communication and a more efficient workflow.

  1. Improve your ability to respond effectively in the case.

Sometimes, a legal team is forced to respond quickly to motions filed by opposing counsel, changing deadlines, counterclaims, and similar exigencies. Such events can add considerable time and stress to an already difficult case – but they don’t have to.

When you work with a temporary attorney, it’s more difficult for opposing counsel to trip you up with these maneuvers. You always have the expertise available when you need it. When a new issue arises, or arguments become more complex, your temporary attorney provides guidance through the subject matter, allowing you to respond more effectively to new issues or arguments.

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