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Meet Alex: An Assigned Counsel Case Study

At Assigned Counsel, not only do we work with law firms who need qualified lawyers, we also work with legal departments in various industries, including pharmaceuticals 

Recently, we received a call from the general counsel of a pharmaceutical company, that found itself in a bind. One of its staff attorneys needed to leave the organization quickly for personal reasons. This left the company with a rapidly-growing backlog of work and no qualified staff member to address it. 

Assigned Counsel recommended Alex. Alex’s background focused heavily on transactional law, which was our client’s top concern. He had spent a great deal of time working on legal issues in the pharmaceutical industry, which included pharmaceutical and clinical contracts, general commercial contracts and technology agreements. 

Alex’s history and background made him a perfect fit for our client’s needs. Our client agreed, engaging Alex at once to help its legal department get back on track.  

As for Alex, the position offered several benefits neither Assigned Counsel nor our client had originally foreseen. Having just completed another assignment, Alex was looking for a new challenge at precisely the time our pharmaceutical client needed qualified legal help. And, as it turned out, Alex lived close to our client’s location, giving him a short and simple daily commute as well. 

The placement has worked out well for client and candidate. In fact, the company was so pleased with Alex’s performance that he has stepped into a full-time role at the company.  

If you’re struggling to handle a large or specialized project, it may be time to rethink your legal staffing strategy.  

Our recruiters started their careers as lawyers, then stepped into staffing because we saw the need for a recruiting firm that understood the unique challenges of finding qualified legal talent. We’re here to help. To learn more, contact us today. 


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