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Assigned Counsel Success Story: Meet David

One of our most requested skill sets is for commercial transactional help. Technology in particular requires a wide range of industry specific agreements. Such was the case with our Phoenix based client who was managing an increasing workload due to international expansion.

Within 48 hours of our client’s request, Assigned Counsel gave our recommendation. We presented David, a seasoned attorney, with experience in our client’s needed practice area.

David’s background and professional connections made it easy for him to step in, managing not only the technical aspects of the necessary transactions but also the internal and external client relationships. David appreciated the time sensitive nature of the client’s workflow, which allowed him to manage his own processes effectively to keep our client on track.

Our client reported that within two months, their daily workload had improved dramatically. Better management of these key commercial transactional agreements allowed our client’s core team to focus on their own areas of expertise, knowing they could trust David to handle the overflow and to communicate effectively with stakeholders both within the company and outside it.

In this situation, hiring a new full-time attorney may not have been the best option for our client. While international expansion can be taxing to a legal department and the entire company, it is typically finite.

By working closely with David, however, our client built new professional relationships and received the support its teams needed to reach their goals.

At Assigned Counsel, our recruiters focus on connecting law firms and legal departments to the experienced attorney help they need when they need it. As former practicing lawyers, we understand the importance of adding the right person to your team to address clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Contact us today to learn more.


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