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3 Ways Seasonal Temporary Attorneys Can Help Your Law Department

Whether it’s vacation time, cold and flu season, or a rush period for your department, working with temporary attorneys can improve your workflow and reduce stress.

Here are three ways seasonal use of temporary attorneys can support your department:

Mitigate Vacation Losses

The summer season and the winter holiday season are two highly popular times for your staff to take a vacation. Plan ahead for each season by seeking qualified temporary assistance from an attorney who can help handle overflow work while core staff members rest and recharge.

By seeking seasonal assistance, you make it easier for your core staff to use the vacation time they have. Their rest time is of higher quality, with fewer stresses about ongoing projects or the state of their inbox when they return. As a result, your team members can produce better work and avoid burnout.

Handle Seasonal Mishaps

Cold and flu season can sweep through an office quickly, causing multiple staff members to take time off to recuperate, to take care of sick family members, or both. If a virus lays your team low, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a temporary attorney during cold and flu season.

When you work with temporary attorneys, you can ensure that a competent, experienced lawyer always handles critical tasks. Fight cold and flu season on two fronts: encourage healthy behaviors from staff like handwashing and flu shots and have a temporary attorney to call in case of a mishap.

Meet the Rush Head-On

If your department has predictable rush seasons, get ahead of them now by planning to work with a temporary attorney qualified to handle the influx of work. By planning strategically with your staffing partner, you can ensure that you have the help you need to address the rush season. You’ll be able to handle an increased workload without the risk of burning out your team or overlooking a crucial deadline or detail.

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