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Assigned Counsel Case Study: Meet Melissa

Recently, Assigned Counsel was contacted by one of our clients, a telecom company. Our client needed a senior-level attorney with experience in contract drafting and review.

Our client, however, quickly admitted to a difficult problem. Not only did they need a senior-level attorney with contract experience, but they also needed someone who would be available on a shifting, part-time schedule that might last several months or a good deal longer.

Our client had struggled to imagine the senior attorney who might want indeterminate, part-time work. Fortunately, we had the right person in mind.

Melissa has had her law degree for over 30 years. She also has extensive experience in contract drafting and review. When Assigned Counsel reached out to her, we discovered she also had a flexible schedule that allowed her to respond quickly to our client telecom company’s needs for an experienced lawyer.

Melissa and our client found they worked well together. In fact, after several months, our client offered Melissa the chance to become a permanent part-time member of their legal team – an offer Melissa accepted.

Legal staffing isn’t always easy. Workflows, the complexity of clients’ lives and ventures, and other events can leave a legal team in need of experienced attorney help that doesn’t fit into a conventional long-term, full-time employment structure.

Yet hiring full-time for the long term isn’t a firm or department’s only option. Working with a qualified temporary attorney can allow legal teams to provide high-quality representation to their clients while staying within the boundaries of their staffing budgets and available office space.

At Assigned Counsel, our recruiters understand that legal matters don’t always conform themselves to the precise skills and availability of your in-house team. As formerly practicing attorneys, we know how complex legal matters can become. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping our clients rethink, reinvent, and reimagine legal staffing.

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