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The New Normal: Remote Work

Corporate leaders have entered a new era of determining service delivery methods to clients. Historically, strategic planning of this nature included resource evaluation, budget considerations and technology utilization. Now, the global change in work dynamics has emphasized additional components: remote access, accountability and interconnection.

Assigned Counsel is employing end-to-end remote placements of temporary attorneys — from online talent requests and resume submissions to video interviews and digital onboarding. Qualified attorneys are readily available and can benefit clients with local needs as exampled by:


A New York non-profit sought a local experienced compliance lawyer to work with and report to senior compliance officers in the organization. The temporary lawyer’s responsibilities would include drafting and reviewing compliance and risk management material. We sourced a New York lawyer experienced working with Fortune 250 corporations. He is now working remotely as part of the legal team, but able, when necessary, to come to the organization’s office.

Assigned Counsel’s remote placement business model was developed over the past decade as internet reliance has grown. This model can open up a broader talent pool and more competitive rates, as evidenced by:


A semiconductor company needed an attorney with specific knowledge of government contracting. Knowing that attorneys with that expertise would not be readily available in the company’s geographic region, we encouraged the company to consider remote attorney options. They agreed, and we located an attorney with the precise background that the company needed. The temporary placement proved so successful that the company ultimately converted our contractor to a permanent role, still working remotely.


A company requested an attorney with in-depth experience in compliance and privacy matters. Most local attorneys with this skill set commanded a premium rate. We were able to identify an attorney with blue-chip credentials located elsewhere in the US. While the attorney’s rate was competitive and fair, it was significantly lower than if located in the more expensive region.

For almost 30 years, Assigned Counsel has been helping employers focus on their business, rather than recruitment. We’d welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your staffing needs.

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