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Why Partnering With Assigned Counsel Incorporated Should Be An Essential Part of Your Job Search

by Elissa Outtrim, Senior Recruiting Attorney

When I began my career as a legal recruiter in 2006, I had no experience with recruiters of any kind. None! Prior to my landing at Assigned Counsel Incorporated (“ACI”), I’d been happily working at a major insurer for 10 years but then left to have my second child.

Upon starting up my job hunt after only a few years out of the full-time working world, I found that things had greatly changed indeed. No longer did job seekers rely on “the classifieds.” Those days were long gone. Everything had become “techy” and so, a lot of attorneys were (and still are!) under the misconception that they could just “go it alone” in an attorney job search with no problems because they had an internet connection, a resume, and, were “smart!” Wrong.

While attorneys are surely an intelligent lot, many have only recently come to realize the absolutely vital role an experienced legal recruiter can and must play in a well-rounded plan to further one’s legal career. Here’s what you need to know about landing remote legal jobs that can benefit your career.

So, how are we at Assigned Counsel “essential” to your plan?

First, when you utilize our expertise and professional connections, you’ll have a dedicated and well-equipped advocate for your skills and experience. We’ve spent decades building strong and lasting relationships with a myriad of Chief Legal Officers and Generals Counsel, and, with HR Directors and their internal recruiters. In short, we are “well-connected,” where you may not know anyone at your target company.

Second, we can get your resume “foot” in the door where you may find the door slammed shut.

Third, we will tell the client our first-hand impression of why you are a “great fit,” when you’d otherwise be “silenced” by a total lack of follow-up to your application.

Fourth, we follow-up promptly once you are submitted.

Fifth, we speak with your references and send along bolstering comments to heighten interest in you!

So in a nutshell, we do everything we can to make our client want to meet you once we’ve concluded you meet its needs. It’s simple really. Why make your job hunt more difficult, when you can have a dedicated partner, ready and willing to effectively assist, at no cost to you whatsoever?

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