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Considering Actions on Your Commercial Lease? Temp Legal Staff Can Help

How essential is physical office space? COVID-19 put that long simmering question to the test. From a productivity standpoint, the 62% of jobs that plunged into an unplanned, full-time work-from-home experiment only witnessed a 1% drop in productivity.

When you consider that 40% of professionals prefer full-time remote work and most executives are looking for more ways to cut excess expenses, there’s a strong business case for downsizing your office space.

A few corporations will be lucky. Their lease will expire at the right time, allowing them to transition to smaller square footage or opt for a flexible workspace solution. In most other situations, attorneys will be needed to reevaluate agreements and contracts in hopes of ending a commercial lease early or renegotiating terms. Since the attorneys in your law department have so much on their plate already, it is more efficient to support these projects with temporary attorneys. Here’s why:

Ending a Commercial Lease Early Requires Expertise – at Lower Prices

Even if members of your law department have available bandwidth, terminating commercial leasing agreements can be tricky.

Do you have a force majeure clause in your lease agreement? Will your attorneys have to claim and make a winning case for commercial frustration? Are they aware of other alternative methods of bringing your lease to a premature end? For the best results, you need the right practice area specialists in place to resolve this challenge quickly and efficiently.

Though you could choose to work with your law firm partner, their hourly billable rate can elevate the overall cost of commercial lease activity. Hiring temporary legal staff provides you with the same level of legal expertise as your law firm with the added bonuses of keeping your expenses in check. Moreover, a temporary candidate is devoted completely to your project for as long as you need them. Your ability to maximize your corporate law department budget will keep your CFO and accounting department very happy.

You Want People Who Excel at Remote Work

More than just hiring an expert in real estate law, you need someone who excels at remote work. It’s essential for your short-term project to scale up to full efficiency as quickly as possible, and that’s far more likely to happen under the guidance of legal resources who have telecommuting experience. In this regard, Assigned Counsel can deliver.

Over the years, we’ve made countless placements with temporary attorneys in remote arrangements. No matter where you are, we can provide experienced lawyers from coast to coast who understand your practice area and know how to deliver exceptional results from their remote office.

Want to reduce your effort and expenses when ending a commercial lease early? Contact the temporary legal staffing experts. Assigned Counsel can connect you with experienced real estate attorneys to help maintain your budget. 


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