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A Temp to Perm Success Story: Immediate Solution for Major Electronics Company Client Endures


A major international electronics company presented an urgent need for a replacement temporary attorney to tackle several needs revolving around logistics, supply chain, and using background knowledge of various conventions concerning shipping. As is often the case facing an Assigned Counsel Incorporated (ACI) client, this was an urgent need requiring a versatile legal practitioner with experience in several very specific and high-demand areas of the law. Additionally, the attorney would need to work on-site during the height of the COVID pandemic.



After concluding that the candidate search would need to expand beyond our extensive database of attorneys, our recruiting attorney expeditiously set out to skillfully craft job listings to attract the best candidates. We posted on several high-traffic sites and used social media to bolster the search. As a result, we quickly found two top-notch candidates for consideration by our client’s General Counsel who interviewed them immediately.



After interviewing our second candidate, the General Counsel was ecstatic with his skills. She told us that both candidates were very strong but that the second one clearly knew as much as she and both “talked the talk and walked the walk”. The candidate was immediately brought on board to assist the client and, after about a year on the job, received an offer for a full-time position. We are happy to report a strong and growing relationship with the client and GC and will continue to provide high-quality staffing solutions to help their law department thrive.

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