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Flexible Legal Talent Provides Peace of Mind for Pharmaceutical Company


A new pharmaceutical client headquartered in Canada, with local offices along the US East Coast, came to Assigned Counsel Incorporated (ACI) for immediate assistance when one of its in-house commercial attorneys abruptly left.  Their request was that we “back-fill” the position during their own permanent position search. Since commercial attorneys in the pharma realm are truly “golden” now and thus difficult to find, the client estimated that its permanent search would last about two months. Our recruiter knew from experience that filling such a specialized position would require casting a wide net. As such, she posted the temporary position as remote, including the entire East Coast in her search. She was then “off and running” to fill the need knowing that time was of the essence.


Our experienced recruiter knew of an excellent commercial attorney that ACI had placed before, who was well-versed in pharmaceutical work. Hoping he might be available, she reached out to him, knowing his skills and personality would be a great fit for this client. Happily, he proved available and had the on-target skill set for the need. Once engaged, he consistently demonstrated his value to the client while it undertook its permanent search.


The client underestimated how difficult it would be to find a permanent attorney with just the right skills for its need and so their search eventually stretched into six months rather than the estimated two. Thankfully, the flexibility of our placed temporary attorney provided great peace of mind to the client, knowing that he could continue working during the now-extended search. Needless to say, the client expressed their gratitude for both the seamlessness of the placement and the extended duration.


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